Employee Number and provisioning

(Derrick Hatcher) #1

Our IAM team is intending to provision users into PagerDuty using the API. The question has come up if PagerDuty can store our Employee Number, or has an attribute that is unique per user other than the email address.

The scenario they want to handle is when an employee gets married or divorce, the employee often wants to change their email address. The team would like to be able to automatically update the login email address.


(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Derrick,

A user_id is unique to users in your account and will never change, regardless of whether the user’s Login Email is changed.

The user ID is a seven character ID always beginning with a P and may look something like this, Ex: PP28A7T. You can locate this ID by navigating to the user’s profile and taking it from the URL or by listing them all using the below List Users endpoint and referring to the "id": field:

When your employee’s name and email changes, you may also want consider using the Update a User REST API endpoint provided below, which happens to require this ID field in addition to the request payload:

I hope this helps!

(Derrick Hatcher) #3

That is extremely helpful. It shouldn’t be any problem to do what we want to do.

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