Documentation for log types


(Michał Łowicki) #1


I’m playing around with API v2. I’ve found various types of logs like:

  • responder_accept_log_entry
  • responder_request_for_escalation_policy_log_entry

Is there any comprehensive documentation for all these types with description about their role?

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Michal,

Our documentation for the response schema of the /log_entries endpoint includes a section on the LogEntry polymorph. If you enable display of the schema reference, you’ll find a dropdown that will allow you to switch between the different log entry types, and that will show the value of type and also the properties of the log_entry object when it is that type.

However, I noticed that the two log entry types you had given aren’t included in that list, so I’m submitting an issue ticket to document those particular log entry types and any others we can find that aren’t yet included. Thanks for pointing that out!


(Michał Łowicki) #3

Hmm I don’t see any section of LogEntry polymorph. I see below sections: “parameters”, “test this endpoint”, “response messages” and then a section for “Get a log entry”. What am I missing?

(Alex Maier) #4

You have to click the “Response schema” arrow to show the reference. Please let me know if this helps.

(Michał Łowicki) #5

Now I see it. Thank you!

p.s. It wasn’t that easy :wink:

(Michał Łowicki) #6

@demitri @amaier I see more types are missing:

  • responder_accept_log_entry
  • responder_request_for_escalation_policy_log_entry
  • link_log_entry
  • unlink_log_entry
  • event_rule_action_log_entry
  • change_urgency_log_entry
  • title_change_log_entry

(system) #7