Disable Alerts During Business Hours


(Matt Laufer) #1

Hello -

How do I disable alerts during business hours? We currently have a three man team, with each on call period being a week long. We really only need pagerduty alerts after business hours even though the person is on call 24/7 for a week. I’m hoping I don’t have to create multiple on/off schedules to accomplish this.



(Jay Chiarella) #2

Hi Matt,

If you are looking to not receive incidents for a specific schedule, then you can set up time restrictions for on-call shifts. You can read more about restricting on-call shift times on this knowledge base article. Essentially, if nobody is on-call when an event is sent to the Services’ integration, then the incident won’t trigger and will be dropped.

Alternatively, if your account has a Standard or above subscription plan, you can enable urgencies and use Support Hours to create Low urgency incidents during the Support Hours, and to create High urgency incidents after Support Hours. The on-call user will be notified via their High or Low urgencies rules, depending on their individual setting and the incident urgency. You can read further about Support Hours on this knowledge base article.

I hope this helps; but let me know if you have any further questions!



(Daryl Monge) #3

We have exactly the same situation: 3 person team with a primary on-call for a week. But honestly, I just decided to forget trying to implement the complexity described and leave the alerts on during working hours. Our judgement was it was less effort to acknowledge alerts daytime than to create more infrastructure to suppress alerts. Plus, in our case anything coming in is critical anyway and even during the day we aren’t at our desks every minute :wink: The time of day and our available at work didn’t have any affect on the severity of the incident.

(Matt Laufer) #4

Setting the restrictions solved our problem. It was a tiny bit of legwork but all set now. For reference, here is our configuration.


(Simon Fiddaman) #5

Hey @encodingmatt, out of curiosity - where do your alerts go during the day; i.e. how do the responsible parties know what’s going on / would otherwise be alerting?

I’d have recommended the Support Hours with High Urgency overnight and Low Urgency during the day (then have everyone configure a trivial Low Urgency notification rule like just a push notification).


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