Designing a multi-team shared schedule


(Ken Suzuki) #1

I have two teams, Team A and Team B. Both have simple, single-layer schedules. I would like to modify Team A’s schedule such that Team B covers nights and weekends for Team A. The schedule designer doesn’t seem to allow a layer in which another schedule participates. In my case, I would like to add a layer that has Team B’s schedule as the resource, not any particular individual.

Would appreciate any input on how to get this done.

(Liberty McBride) #2

Hi Ken!

This is Liberty from the PagerDuty support team.

If Team A isn’t currently on call during nights and weekends, the quickest way to configure what you’re requesting is by adding Team A’s schedule and Team B’s schedule to the same escalation policy level. This would effectively only notify Team A when they are on call, and Team B when they are on-call, so there isn’t a need to make any schedule edits.

If Team A is currently on call, you’ll want to create a second layer that mimcs Team B’s schedule to make sure that Team A isn’t paged unnecessarily.

Right now there isn’t a way to add a schedule to a schedule layer as a resource, but if you want to email, we’re happy to submit a feature request for you. Also, if you need we can look at your specific schedules to make sure that the suggestions I made will actually accomplish the scenario you’ve provided.


(system) #3