Define urgency based on an alert field


Our alerts come from Prometheus with a field that tells the desired urgency. We would this field to set the PD urgency so the team is notified accordingly. However, it seems to me that urgencies are defined at the Service level only or via global event rules. Is this correct? If so, what shall we do with services like Pingdom that doesn’t support the global events API? does Prometheus support the global event rules API?


Hi Yoni,

If events are being sent to a service level API integration that do not contain the Event/Alert Severity Levels that are required to work with Dynamic Notifications (critical, info, error, and warning), you can actually create service-level event rules to apply a Severity to an event which can then be used to control urgency.

The service-level event rules that you’d have to create would need to have conditions that would look at the field in the payload which “tells the desired urgency”, apply a severity accordingly via the Change the severity of the alert option in the event rule, which would then create incidents of appropriate Urgency.

Please let me know if this helps if you had not been trying to do this yet.

I also happen to believe that Pingdom can be used with Global Event Routing. Prometheus is able to send events in either the v1 or v2 Events API format, and if you configure the integration to send v2 Events, it can also be used with Global Event Routing.

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