Default Escalation Policy Rotation Count

When building Escalation policies you have to manually depend on humans to remember to set the rotation amount (0-9) and most of the times people may forget or not add enough.

Is there a way we can set a number of times an escalation should rotate at the account level so all escalations including new ones will have that set by default? For example, if we’d want all our escalation policies to rotate the max 9 times by default.

Hi Francisco,

I would love to get a little more background on this request. Do you have any feel for how often responders are missing incidents because they miss the notification coming through?

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the response. I think for us it was about 30% of our escalation policies that were set to 0 because that is the default and we have had many times where people missed their notifications. I just manually went in an updated every policy to use 9 rotations.

Hi @framirez,

You could also ask your responders to add more Personal Notification Preference rules - it’s possible (and a horrifying thought) that they have left these set to the defaults of “everything immediately” which always prompts our new responders to jump in fear and throw their phones in the bin.

I’ve always encouraged our Incident Responders to use all of the available methods in an escalating order to improve their chances of responding, and reduce the daytime frustration of receiving Incidents. I also don’t recommend they extend it past the expected response time, as it will escalate to the next level at this time anyway.

My recommendation looks like this:

  1. Immediate: push notification
  2. 2 minutes: push notification
  3. 4 minutes sms
  4. 6 minutes sms
  5. 8 minutes phone
  6. 9 minutes phone

I don’t have an entry for 10 minutes because that’s our secondary escalation point. If you haven’t responded in 10 minutes we assume you’re unable to respond and move on to the secondary on-call. If that Escalation Policy has no secondary schedule, then we restart it as you’ve suggested.

Hope that help,

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