Creating nested custom details from alertmanager

I’m trying to send alerts from alertmanager with nested custom details. Like

details : 
    label: 1
           item1: a
           item2: b
    label3:  3

What kind of alertmanager receiver settings can achieve this? I was aiming for a json format but it does not parse correctly in the message sent to pagerDuty.

Hi Sutirtha Das,

Alertmanger uses our v1 Event API (link), which does not support custom fields . You might be able to use contexts array to produce similar result, or I can file a feature request for you.


Hi Sutirtha,

Since this is a community post and it looks like we may need some account specific details, I would suggest you submit a ticket to We will take it from there.


Got it. Submitting a ticket. Should i remove the account specific link?

Hi Sutirtha,

Yes, that would be great! Please let me know once that is removed. We will close the thread and move on to the ticket.

With kind regards,

Hi @sutirtha1234, @paulb, @Tanjid_Islam,

We found the following made Events API v2 work (which should get you the nested tables):

Important note for Prometheus Alertmanager v0.11 and later: Alertmanager now supports Events API v2. However, if you set the routing_key property and use v2, the integration type of the integration corresponding to the routing_key value must also be Events API v2. If you select Prometheus as the integration type in PagerDuty, you will need to use the Events API v1 type and set a value for the service_key property instead.


Hi @simonfiddaman,

That is correct! You should be able to use Events API V2 by just changing the endpoint and the integration key. Please let us know if that would be a problem.

Hi @sutirtha1234,

Since we’re looking into your issue in a separate ticket thread, I’ll close this thread and continue there! Thanks again for opening up a ticket to allow us to look into it.

With kind regards,

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