Creating a Service, only with SMS / EMAIL / PUSH and not phone call

(Gaston L.) #1

Hi Everyone!

I am new to PagerDuty and I am having hard time to find a way to create a service with a lower priority by default, so it can use a different type of alerting, for instance if the service is not mission critical, I would like to get text notifications (email, sms or push) but without the phone call, but keep the phone call for services with higher priority or mission critical.

What would be the best / easiest way to achieve this?



(Thomas Roach) #2

You’ll need to have 2 services - one for high-urgency incidents, and one for low-urgency incidents. You can take a read about how to configure this on our Knowledge Base here.

In addition to this, you’ll want to configure your low-urgency notification settings in your profile (top-right corner>My Profile) to include your preferred methods of contact for a low-urgency incident.

(Ashik Narayan) #3


Even I have similar requirement, I don’t want to trigger notification for low-urgency incidents. I have around 50 services need this kind of set-up, so with your approach I will have to create 50 more services which is not feasible for me. Is there any other solution or approach.

I am using ServiceNow integration, I did tried passing value of urgency as low in the payload but pagerduty still treated it as high urgency

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