Complex schedule

I’ve got a 6 person, 24x7 rotation. 2 in EU, 4 in US. I have to include coverage during an overnight maintenance window from Friday 10am til Saturday 8am split into 2 shifts- Fri 10:00-Fri 23:00 and Fri 23:00-Sat 08:00. When a US engineer is weekly on call, they will also cover the first shift. Then we rotate through the 2 EU engineers to cover the second shift. The problem is when EU engineer is weekly on call I want to rotate through the 4 US engineers to cover the first shift while the EU engineer covers the second shift. The only way I think I can do that is either I can put 2 “no coverage” entries into the order or I put each US engineer on a once-every-6-weeks individual schedule. Does anyone have any ideas on how to model that?

I guess what I’m asking is if there’s a way to create a layer where the person is only on call every 6 weeks (but I only have 4 people to rotate through that need to be on that schedule). 2 weeks out of every 6 need to be empty (aka allow the person in the 1st layer to go through).


Can you you have this on a spreadsheet so we can full appreciate what you want top achieve? Or better still, if you
have configuration started, send the link to and we will take it from there.

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