Combining two existing PagerDuty organizations?

As the world turns… Is it possible to ‘coalesce’ two existing PD orgs? Here’s the real-life scenario:

Company A and Company B have merged. Each of the companies has their own pre-existing PD setup, with distinct users, schedules, services, …

Now Service 1, formerly monitored by Company A personnel, will be monitored by Company B personnel. But, at least during the early days, an Incident created in Service 1 may still need to be escalated to Company A personnel. Plus, Company A management would still like to have visibility into the health of the Service. So now both Company A and Company B personnel need access to the Service.

Initially, we thought that we’d just create additional PD users for the Company B personnel – but as they still have Services to monitor in the ‘other’ PD org, they’d need to be logged into both PD orgs… does the phone app even do that?

If there’s not a way to merge the PD setups, we’ll eventually (probably) drop all the resources in the Company A PD org, and re-create them in the Company B PD org. But I hope somebody knows some magic to let a single user monitor multiple PD orgs. Maybe?


It is possible to merge PD accounts. However, this would need to be carried out by the relevant Team in PagerDuty. As details that are specific to your organisation would be required from you, can I request that you send through an email to detailing the organisation and the relevant accounts then we will take it from there.


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