What the best way to be notified of changes on the API / OAuh flows?

It seems that you guys recently udpated the look of the OAuth flows from


As a result I need to update my app documentation screenshots (and so do you

What is the best to be alerted of these upcoming changes?

Sorry for the surprise, Thomas. We don’t have a mailing list for these changes right now, but we’ll be working on that.

We take breaking change management seriously and wouldn’t modify a programming interface without warning. In this case, we made a style change to be more in line with our recent brand changes and give end-users more confidence that they are actually on a PagerDuty site.

We haven’t taken down the doc you linked to yet, but we put up a new one:

We have 2 more changes planned:

  1. Displaying an app icon when one is available
  2. Indicating when an app is not reviewed by PagerDuty

We plan to send an email to all OAuth app developers (before displaying the not verified message) to give them an opportunity to submit their app for review if it’s meant to be publicly accessible. Going forward, we can do that ahead of style changes as well although I don’t expect those to happen frequently.

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