Change existing user to Stakeholder

When we went to purchase another user license we were told that since our CIO isn’t on call that his account could be transitioned to a Stakeholder to free up a user license. A Stakeholder license was purchased and is available on our account, however I don’t see how we can transition a user to a stakeholder and free up that user license. Is this something that has to be done behind the scenes?

Hi @StanCooper23, it sounds like you may be attempting to change the role of your account owner. If this is the case, your account owner would first need to assign someone else this responsibility. Only the account owner can make this change; they can make another user the new account owner by navigating to Configuration > Account Settings > Account Settings tab. Once they have done this, you should be able to update their role to Stakeholder, provided they do not have any on-call responsibilities.

If this doesn’t help, it is also possible that you are attempting to change the role of a user who is still on call. Since stakeholders cannot be on call, the user’s on-call responsibilities would need to be removed or replaced before the role can be updated.

You can see if this is the case by clicking the Why can’t I select a particular role? link next to the user when editing their user role. This will provide you with information on the required steps to change this user to a stakeholder. Also note that once you make these changes, you may need to do a hard refresh in order to see Stakeholder come up as a dropdown option again.

Hopefully one of those ideas helps!

Our CIO needs to retain Account Owner status and set to Stakeholder. How can we get that done?

Hi @StanCooper23, there isn’t a way to make the account owner a stakeholder, since by design the account owner has full admin access.

So we were sold a license we cannot use. I will have to contact our account rep.

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