Can 1 email used in different subdomain?


I am building some tool that use PagerDuty OAuth2 to auth users into my app.

In Pagerduty, can a user use the same email in 2 different subdomain, or is it unique accross domains?

I am asking because the "subdomain is being passed to the callback URL, but do not show up anywhere when trying to load the current user (/users/me)

Hi Thomas,

The email address is not guaranteed to be unique across domains. It’s true that we don’t explicitly provide account information in the /users/me response. Good feedback for us. Not ideal, but if you really needed the domain right now, you could parse user.html_url in the response. The user’s id should also be unique.

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Hi Thomas, I’m curious what you’re trying to accomplish. Once you have a token for the user, you should not need a subdomain to access the API. If you’re looking to store unique user records, you can do that with the PagerDuty user ID.