Better Schedule Overriding

As it stands in PagerDuty, for every override you need to do you have to manually click on each scheduled piece for the person you are covering for and this becomes a very tedious task. Here are a few pointers that would greatly increase the usability of PagerDuty in this regard:

When scheduling an override, if there are many small windows inside of a week for example and you are covering for someone, you currently have to click on each time slot and override for that one only then move on. It would be good to set an override for that week and have PagerDuty be smart enough to only fill in the time windows for the person you are covering for and not put you on call for the entire week. This will be part of the following:

It would be great if instead of having people go into PagerDuty to manually search for schedules then edit to find the window they will cover; if there was a feature to have the person that will be overridden to create an override request and it will then alert all members of the team they are in so that someone from that team will get a notification from which they will take action

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for the feedback! We will plan to make some improvements to the override workflow this fall/winter. I can loop you in to give feedback once we start getting some designs together!


Thanks for the feedback Katie, would appreciate being in the loop.