Better page titles would be helpful


(David Martin) #1

It’s a minor thing, but I which that the page titles were better. Currently, I have about 10 browser tabs open in PagerDuty. Almost all just say “PagerDuty”, even though a different team is open in each. Interestingly, the tab does seem to show the name of the team, if the Schedules section is open, but not on the Users or Subteams sections.

(Jonathan Curry) #2

I agree - this would be a great UX enhancement. We’ve reached out to our front-end team to get their input on this :slight_smile:

(Jay Chiarella) #3

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback.

As Jonathan mentioned, we’ve passed along this feedback to our front-end team for something to keep in mind for the future, as I can see how it could be helpful if you have many tabs open - like many of us do!

Thanks again for your feedback!


(system) #4

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