AWS CloudWatch Integration: View in AWS Console Link


(Saager Mhatre) #1

I’ve integrated one of our services to AWS CloudWatch using the integration as described here =>

The integration works fine and we have no issues with it per se. The only quirk is that while the integration creates a context link associated with the alarm with text View in AWS Console, the link does not appear to have a resource, i.e., the href tag for the link is not set.

I was just wondering if this is a know issue or am I missing a step somewhere.


(Sean Higgins) #2

Hi Saager –

Thanks for flagging this. We have a bug logged in our backlog to fix up this small issue. If you customize the JSON sent to PagerDuty and pass in a client and client_url, the hyperlink will be valid.


(Saager Mhatre) #3

Hi Sean,
Thanks for the reply.

I’d just assumed that the integration would add that in automatically.
I’ll try to pass in the two attributes to see if the link lights up.

Thanks again
– d

(Saager Mhatre) #4

I just got back to this and realized something. The original question is about the AWS CloudWatch integration. Within the context of that setup, we don’t get to customize the message as it is wired directly from AWS CloudWatch to AWS SNS to PagerDuty. How would one go about adding the client and client_url in this case?

– d

(Saager Mhatre) #5

Just double checked this today and the link seems to be working now.


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