Automatic Schedule Sanity Checking


(David Fetrow) #1

Is there anyone whose implemented some kind of a sanity check on schedules?

A sample case being, after overrides have adjusted a well written schedule:
Primary contact: Dee
If no ack in 30 minutes, contact the seconday: Dee
We’re REAL serious about attending to this alert so if neither has acked after 45 minutes: contact trinary: Dee.

Another might be an integration with teams vacation schedule so there is a warning
about a conflict between PagerDuty on-call vs vacation, wisdom teeth removal , etc.

It may well be that’s what is wanted but…usually not.

This is (almost) silly for a small team but warnings about likely problematic scheduling might be a useful option if feasible.

(Alex Maier) #2

Thank you for sharing your idea, @fetrow, I have forwarded it to our Product team, and will update this thread if there are any news.

(system) #3