Assign Tags to users programatically

I want to assign tags to users using the rest api available from pd. I went through the api reference docs but was unable to find a way that would allow me to modify a user and add tags to it. Just wanted to check if this is even possible using api or not. If its possible , then a solution will be highly appreciated.

Hi @GagandeepSingh! Tags are not currently supported through the API. i know it’s a highly requested feature. I’ll add your vote for it to be prioritized.

Thanks Scott.

@smcallister Thanks for your previous response. I just wanted to check if there is a way to bulk update the tags from UI itself.

Hi @GagandeepSingh. Sorry for the slow response. I wanted to make sure my answer was accurate. There is not a way to bulk update tags in the UI today. The plan is to provide this through the API. And, that feature is currently being worked on.

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