Android 8.1, PagerDuty app version 5.22 -- do not disturb still allows for sounds


(Ari Miller) #1

I’ve deliberately configured pager duty not to punch through my do not disturb settings.
However, within the last 3 days, on “Priority Only”, pager duty pushes to the app are still making normal sounds.
On Alarm only, I get a small beep on the notification.
Other notifications are not exhibiting similar behavior.

I have not authorized Pager Duty to override my do not disturb settings (confirmed this in the android settings).

I suspect this is related to the Android 8.1 upgrade, but also the app version 5.22 upgrade. It’s obviously an android bug since Pager Duty app shouldn’t be able to punch through do not disturb without authorization, but it might also be due to a bug that is impacted by the app upgrade. Has anyone else experienced similar, or found a work around? I’ve disabled app pushes for the time being to avoid this (relying on text messages instead).

(Anton Van Oosbree) #2

Hi Ari,

I haven’t heard about any issues with the Android app and do not disturb settings. Probably best to send in a ticket to so we can open a formal investigation with the Engineering Team.

(Ari Miller) #3

Thanks, Anton, I’ve opened a ticket for support.

(Frédéric Fauvel) #4

Hi, i got the same issue.

When Alarms is enable in the Do Not Disturb settings (I need the clock to wake me up in the morning), i hear a sound when there is a “Priority” alert.

Really annoying. Any news on that problem ?

Thank you

(system) #5