Android 10 Do Not Disturb issues

I have my application configured to ignore DND for all types of notifications. I had an issue where it would not play the associated sound at all, even if the device volume was turned up and it was not in do-not-disturb mode. Clearing the data for the app and logging in again fixed that.

Now I have an issue where the do-not-disturb does not turn off in the morning with my alarm, as it’s configured to do so. It appears to not turn it back off if there is an event in the night. The system settings screen says “Do Not Disturb was automatically turned on by an app (PagerDuty)”. So if I don’t go manually and turn off DND it seems to stay on.

It would also be nice if in DND mode I could select a different sound or notification profile. I’d like to get a vibrate shortly before the full sound so if I wake to it I can respond before the full sound wakes up my spouse.




Hi Allan,

Are you able to let us know what version of the app and phone OS you are experiencing this on? We would like to investigate and see if this behaviour can be recreated.

Can I send that information direct to you? The PagerDuty App version is 5.68 (7042). I’ve sent the other information to

Hey Allen! Feel free to send an email to so we can take a closer look!

Has there been progress on fixing this?


Hi Allan,

It looks like our engineers are still working on this at the moment. I have set up the ticket to have you informed as soon as we hear back from them with an update.

Thanks for your patience. Our engineers have now pushed an update for this issue, which will be available in the next update of our mobile app.

Thank you!


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