Analytics for low-priority incidents


(James Juran) #1

Is there a way to get a graph of the count of low-priority incidents over time? I’d love to see exactly what’s on the “System Report” today but (optionally) for low-priority incidents.

(Jade Paoletta) #2

Hi James,

At the moment, we don’t offer this functionality. However, I would love to gather more information on the problem you are trying to solve, and pass along your feedback to our Product team.

Would you mind providing some additional details about your use case?


(James Juran) #3

Hi Jade, thank you for replying, sorry I didn’t see it till now.

We reserve high-priority incidents for the things that truly need to wake someone up. These are pretty rare, usually less than one per week. The existing graphs work great for understanding what’s happening with these.

We use low-priority incidents for things that need attention but can wait until someone is awake. Our volume of these is much higher, probably averaging at least two per day. Each one is still fairly expensive to handle, so I’m really interested in seeing graphs of these low-priority alerts to know if their volume is going up or down.

I know I can get this data out of a CSV export, but I need to report on this monthly, and I’d much rather just grab a graph than munge the CSV data to produce my own. :slight_smile:

(Chris Rocco) #5

I have the same ask.

I review the system report (Analytics > System Report > System tab > Report by Escalation Policy, then I click the, “View Incidents” link for the escalation policy for my team) with my team every morning, and we discuss the PD’s that the person on-call received. My team has recently started making use of the low-urgency feature in PD, but I don’t have a way to see a similar report.

Ideally, I would be able to toggle between low, high, and all, on the same report.

(system) #6