Alerts from Azure Monitor alerts are coming in with "No message included" as the incident title




I am trying to set up PagerDuty to have Azure Monitor alerts flow into PagerDuty using a webhook. I’ve followed the instructions here, but each PD incident that gets triggered has the title “No message included”, not the title of the alert, which I presume is placeholder text, used if a title is not specified.

Is there a way to specify a title for incidents based on the alert that fired in Azure?


(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi @jamesw,

Since we need a bit more detail to troubleshoot this, and in this case the details are rather sensitive (being tied to your PagerDuty account) and thus not appropriate to share in a public forum, I am responding to you privately.

I will be investigating to see why this is the case, and bringing to the attention of the product and engineering team to see how we can address it.

(Jonathan Curry) #3

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