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When using the public script to import multiple users, the values that “role” field can accept are { admin, limited_user, observer, owner, read_only_user, restricted_access, team_responder, user}
Team_responder makes a user a responder for all the teams they are part of.
But what happens to their base role in such a case?

The API should have allowed setting only base roles. Why are there mixture of base roles and team_roles? And if it is going to be like this, why not include all the options of base roles and team roles?


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Hi @Arpanbhagat5,

Firstly can I point out that the owner is not created via the API

The roles set using the API are essentially base roles but are flexible in that
they can be modified to make them relevant to the Team Role. This would be
by adding more or less permissions. However, the permissions of the fixed roles:
Global Admin and Global Stakeholder can not be modified.
The Team Responder role allows the users’s role to be restricted from the on set to
a Team but permissions can be modified further. So it is a flexible base role also.

I hope that helps.



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