24 hour incidents for 8 hour work day schedule

My team has an off hour on-call rotation that we split into 2 day periods, and then another rotation during the work week Monday-Friday between 8AM and 4PM for the regular work day incidents. At any given time we only have 1 person that is the primary responder for the incidents.

We have 2 different types of alerts that we need to support (High and Low Priority). A high priority is one that we respond to 24/7, and a low priority is one that we respond to during the work day. The primary problem that we’re running into is that we want a low priority incident to be assigned to our team member that’s on-call during the work hours.

So for instance if we get a low priority incident over the weekend, we want to assign the incident to the team member that’s on call on Monday. Or if we have an incident at night Monday-Thursday then we want to assign it to the team member that’s on-call for the following work day.

If you want to have low and high-urgency incidents assigned to separate users/escalation policies, the only way would be to have 2 services – one for high and one for low-urgency, with their own escalation policies/schedules/etc., otherwise, incidents will always assign themselves to the on-call user/s in your current schedule.

If there are holes in the lower priority schedule how will PagerDuty respond to that if an incident is triggered?

We have an external monitoring service that will send a notification to PagerDuty if it meets a certain condition. It will only send notifications on state change and not on a timed interval.

As a reference, our lower priority schedule is 8AM - 4PM Monday-Friday. So if our monitoring service opens an incident outside that window would it wait until the next on-call team member is on-call to notify? Or would they not get a notification when they’re on-call? Ideally it’d assign it to the team member that’s on call during the next time slot and then notify them once their shift starts.

Hello Elias,

If there are gaps in a schedule, and no one is on call on the Escalations below no Event will be created - so in the case, no one would be notified. If you would like us to check out some real world examples, you can reference this post and create a private ticket with our support team, support@pagerduty.com, so as not to expose and private links in a public forum.

Otherwise if you are happy for the above, most of this request, i.e. holding an incident to assign or assign and waiting would be a feature request.

Hope the above helps - let me know what you think.


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