Zabbix 5.4 Compatibility

Is the official Pagerduty integration guide compatible with Zabbix 5.4? I ask because I can successfully trigger pages from Zabbix to Pagerduty, but each page comes along with a title of “trigger”.

This is what is being sent to the API:

  "client": "Zabbix",
  "client_url": "https://(redacted)",
  "contexts": [
      "href": "https://(redacted)/tr_events.php?triggerid=84270&eventid=4540370",
      "text": "Event link",
      "type": "link"
  "description": "trigger",
  "event_type": "trigger",
  "incident_key": "4540370",
  "service_key": "(redacted)",
  "details": {
    "Event date": "2021.07.22",
    "Event host": "PDTestHost",
    "Event host ip": "*UNKNOWN*",
    "Event tags": "Application:Testing",
    "Event time": "11:04:38",
    "Trigger description": "",
    "Trigger opdata": "1"

I’m using this yaml file for the custom message in the action to send the page so all of my parameters ought to be correct in the action. Any idea?

The guide you are using should work with Zabbix 5.4. Incidents’ title is defined in the line 133 of the yaml file you linked (summary: params.eventname ) so it would be helpful to make sure it is defined on Zabbix side.

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