You will be impressed with what PagerDuty Copilot can do 🤯

PagerDuty continues adding more AI-powered capabilities to its Operations Cloud, unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence and automation across the digital enterprise.

But what is PagerDuty Copilot❓

PagerDuty Copilot is a set of assistive automation capabilities for the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. From drafting postmortems to authoring automation jobs, PagerDuty Copilot supports humans by reducing the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.**

Watch the video below and learn more about PagerDuty Copilot - GenAI assistant for critical operations work:

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  • Audience-specific AI-Generated Status Updates
  • Comprehensive AI-Generated Incident Postmortems
  • Automation jobs with AI-Generated Runbooks (low-code, no-code console)
  • Generative AI Assistant

I’m simply mindblown by what PagerDuty Copilot can do! :exploding_head:

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While we’re on the subject, have you watched The Unplanned Show on LLM and Incident Response with the All-Star :star: PD Generative AI team? Check out here:

With @dormain.drewitz, Everaldo Aguiar, Leeor Engel & @ben.wiegelmann