Workflow event subscriptions are not triggering

Unfortunately, I found that the event subscriptions incident.workflow.completed and incident.workflow.started do not resolve and no payload is sent to the specified webhook. For other actions like incident.triggered or incident.acknowledged the event subscriptions are working as expected. I also noticed that the two mentioned non-functioning event subscriptions often do not appear in the API documentation. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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Hello Oliver,

I noticed that you’ve already contacted our technical support, but I’m sharing here some alternatives for the meantime:

  1. Double-Check Configuration: Ensure that the event subscriptions “incident.workflow.completed” and “incident.workflow.started” are correctly configured in your PagerDuty settings. Verify the webhook URL, headers, and other settings to make sure there are no errors.

  2. Version and Updates: Check if there have been any updates or changes to features or APIs. It’s possible that updates might affect the behavior of certain event subscriptions.

  3. Test in Sandbox Environment: If available, consider testing the event subscriptions in a sandbox or test environment. This can help isolate the issue and avoid affecting your production setup.

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