Whole team as secondary escalation


Sorry, still new to pagerduty, so excuse if this is trivial…

I want to create an escalation policy where the first responder is via an oncall schedule and the second responder is the entire team. But I don’t seem to be able to assign the team to the second notification. The only way is to assign each team member - which means I constantly have to remember to adjust this if people join or leave the team.

Thanks for any hints or pointers

I don’t think it’s possible currently, to address a team as one unit, vs. as individual team members, within a schedule.
Some options that come to mind, to address this within the EP:

  • Repeat the first responder notification in the escalation policy, as a second level (give the first responder a second chance)
  • Create a virtual user with a team email address / virtual phone number that is set up to broadcast SMS to a group, and add this user to the EP, after the first responder level(s). This only helps if you can use lists (e.g. an Email DL) that you’re already maintaining.

On the other hand, you could simply maintain the list of team members in the schedule instead of the team–add the EP to the list of EPs on the team record (you’ll then see “Services, schedules, and users associated with the above escalation policies will be automatically added to the team.”). We do this, and just add a handful of managers to teams, apart from those automatically included by the EP.