What’s New: Updates to On-Call Management, Incident Response, Event Intelligence, Process Automation, and More!


Read about the PagerDuty’s March 2022 Product Updates.

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Enjoy the following new product updates and enhancements:

  1. On-Call Management
  • Schedules List UI Refresh - In early access, you can find the information you need, easily. and faster with more flexibility. Enjoy the enhanced search functionality, toggling between all schedules and team schedules, collapsing or expanding information based on the level of detail needed, easier schedule comparison with time windows displayed, and streamlined view of on-call responders with shift times
  1. Incident Response
  • Status Update Notification Templates - Now in early access, these new flexible templates enable you to add content (add a company logo and format content to your company’s standards) and context needed for internal communications during incident response.

  • Service Performance Report - Now available via PagerDuty Labs insights, this interactive report includes the ability to drill down and filter to show trends and details of how different services are impacted by incidents over time.

  1. Process Automation
  • PagerDuty® Automation Actions - this add-on enables PagerDuty customers to execute automated diagnostics and remediation for services impacted by incidents at the click of a button.

  • PagerDuty® Runbook Automation - Previously announced as “Rundeck Cloud”, this Saas offering is now known as PagerDuty® Runbook Automation and is now generally available.

  • PagerDuty® Process Automation On-Prem Version 4.0 - Previously known as Rundeck Enterprise, our self-managed software that supports a wide range of process automation use cases, is now named “PagerDuty® Process Automation On-Prem”. The latest 4.0 release includes the Process Runner, enhanced security features, and plugin enhancements.

View the release notes for more details

  1. Automation + CollabOps
  • Automation Actions + PagerDuty App for Slack - Automation Actions is now integrated with PagerDuty CollabOps, allowing responders to run automated diagnostics and remediation directly from within Slack.
  1. Event Intelligence
  • Auto-Pause Incident Notifications - Available since February 28th, Auto-Pause Incident Notifications applies machine learning to detect and pause transient alerts that historically auto-resolve themselves. You can also leverage APIs to understand basic statistics on how many transient alerts occur for a given service.
  1. Partner Ecosystem
  • AWS Financial Services Competency Partner - PagerDuty is now approved for the AWS Financial Services Competency Partner Program. This competency lists PagerDuty on the AWS website as a trusted cloud provider for financial services organizations.
  1. Product Deprecations

Note our planned product deprecations:

  • Feburary, 2022 - The sunset of Impact Metrics as a feature is complete as of February 2022.

V1 Webhooks

  • End-Of-Support Date: November 13, 2021**- Support for Webhooks V1 ended. We have not been accepting any feature requests or bug fixes for V1 Webhooks since this date.
  • End-Of-Life Date: October 2022** - The end-of-life date for Webhooks V1 has been postponed from March 2022 to October 2022 where it will be replaced by Webhooks V3 which is now generally available. After this date, customers will not be able to use or create new V1 webhooks. Furthermore, the App integrations that are using V1 Webhooks will stop working so we encourage developers to update their apps to use V3 Webhooks asap. However, Slack V1 (which is built on V1 Webhooks) is already deprecated and no longer available to customers. For more details, please refer to this support article.

V2 Webhooks

  • End-Of-Support Date: October 2022**- Support for V2 Webhooks will end and we will no longer accept any feature requests or bug fixes for V2 Webhooks after October 2022.
  • End-Of-Life Date: October 2022** - After March 2023, customers will not be able to create or use new V2 Webhooks. Furthermore, the App integrations that are using V2 Webhooks will stop working so we encourage developers to update their apps to use V3 Webhooks as soon as possible. However, Slack V2 integration (which is built on V2 Webhooks) will be available only until January 2023. This does not impact the availability of Slack V2 Next Generation (built on V3 Webhooks) to customers. For more details on steps to migrate to V3 Webhooks, please refer to this support article.

I’d like to try out the Status Update Notification Templates. Can I get early access? Or do you know when they will be generally available?

Hi Jon, so sorry I didn’t respond earlier to your question.

In case you didn’t get an answer through another method, for early access to Status Update Notifications Templates:

  1. Here’s our early-access form https://www.pagerduty.com/early-access/ (although Status Update Notification Templates isn’t currently listed on there so you can specify it in the comments field).
  2. By default if there isn’t a form available, then you can certainly reach out to support@pagerduty.com to have them help add you as they’ll have the details around it.
    STATUS: In Dev
  3. Tracking towards Aug for Early Access and currently targeting for a late Q3 / early Q4 release.
  4. Already Available Today: Rich Text Email Notification has been available. Learn morehere.

Thanks so much for your interest and please feel free to post more questions if you have any (will try to address them faster next time).