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We’re excited to introduce you to the PagerDuty Community! We hope you’ll find these forums a valuable resource to engage with other users and the team at PagerDuty, where you can share your experiences, learn from others, and get the most out of PagerDuty to improve your #OpsLife.

Before you make your first post, please take a moment to review our community policy, find out how to use Discourse, and learn how to identify PagerDuty employees. Don’t forget to share your feedback as well!

Using Discourse

This site is powered by Discourse, which has some great features we’re sure you’ll find helpful:

  • :hash: Markdown, BBCode & HTML support - so you can write in whatever format you’re most comfortable with

  • @ Mentions - useful when you’re replying to a specific person, or multiple people at once within a single post

  • :heart_decoration: Likes - to let people know you appreciate their contribution to the discussion

  • :bust_in_silhouette: User cards - customizable mini profiles where you can share your favorite images, bio, and links to your website and/or social media accounts

  • :mag: Advanced search - in case you forgot to bookmark something you wanted to come back to later

You can find more information on other Discourse features in the howto category over at Discourse Meta. If there’s a Discourse plugin or something else you’ve seen implemented elsewhere that you think would be beneficial to our community as well, please let us know!

Log In & Security

OAuth with PagerDuty

You can create an account and log in to Discourse with your PagerDuty account by clicking :pagerduty: with PagerDuty on the registration and log in pages. If you change your PagerDuty login email address or Discourse email address, you will need to make sure the email address is updated in the other site as well to continue using OAuth with PagerDuty, otherwise your accounts will remain independent.

If you move to a new company or otherwise create a new PagerDuty account, you can set up OAuth to log in to your existing Discourse account by using the same email address in both places. You’ll just need to verify your PagerDuty login email address the first time you try to log in to Discourse with your new PagerDuty account. The full process is outlined in Keeping your PagerDuty Community account that was created via SSO.

If you have any trouble using OAuth with PagerDuty, we may ask for your PagerDuty subdomain or login email address in order to help troubleshoot issues you’ve reported in your account, but we will not ask for this information out of the blue.

:closed_lock_with_key: PagerDuty employees will never ask for your password, credit card number, or information like these. Please report anybody who asks you for this kind of information in the PagerDuty Community.

If you’re sending your PagerDuty subdomain or login email address to anyone, always verify that your exchange is with an actual PagerDuty employee.

Identifying PagerDuty Employees

PagerDuty employees are listed in the Dutonians user group. Additionally, their posts and user cards include :pagerduty: at the bottom right corner of the person’s avatar, outside of the avatar circle:

Please report abuse, impersonation attempts, and any other security issues by flagging posts or by contacting our @community-team members directly.

Official Tags

Discourse allows anybody to tag posts, however only our most active members can create new tags, and some tags - like :white_check_mark: official - are restricted for use by PagerDuty employees only.

Community Feedback

:left_speech_bubble: Meta category

Pease share your thoughts and ideas in the Meta category. We’ll use your feedback here to help determine what categories need to be created, merged and removed, what content from our own team should be prioritized, how the site function and design should change, etc.

:flag_black: Reporting Abuse & Questionable Content

If you see a thread or post you think should be edited or removed based on our community policy, please flag the post:

This will let all admins and moderators on the site know that there’s a post that needs attention.

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