Webhook incident.custom has no event details


Using the Custom Incident Action, to send webhooks. I have noticed that incident details are not included into the webhook using this feature.

The tag event_details is empty:

"event": "incident.custom",

     "contexts": [],
      "event_details": {}

If you use the Generic V2 Webhook, that auto sends webhooks, the incident details are included.

  "event": "incident.trigger",

      "contexts": [],
      "event_details": {
        "description": "Mathias hoho"

In both instances “details_omitted”: false
Is this a bug?



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Hi Mathias!

That’s a good question. All of our webhook types are sent in the same format but not every path will hold a value.

All webhook types will have the same format where log_entries is included which is where the event_details is found.

For this reason, they might contain an actual value where the log entry contains it such as the incident.trigger but not in incident.custom or other webhook types.

Is there any plan to add this capability? It would make it much easier to handle the custom action if the event details are available.