Voicemail escalation

Hello, I’m new here so just trying to get started and see how I would set something like this up. I’m looking to replace a voicemail escalation service with PagerDuty. Need to replicate this scenario or set something up that accomplishes the same task.

Caller needs assistance after hours and leaves a voicemail in the emergency mailbox. Voicemail system dials out in an attempt to contact the technician that’s currently on call. It rings the techs cell phone at 15 minute intervals up to 5 times or until the message is listened to. The on-call tech is manually changed weekly on a rotation between about 10 techs.

I would like to replace or replicate that with PagerDuty if possible. The voicemail system is capable of emailing a mp3 or wav file and I can forward that to what ever mailbox I need. Can I send the email to PagerDuty and have the same sort of alert system set up?

I’m testing this out with the Email Integration but it strips the audio attachment.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for contacting PagerDuty. At this time, there is no way to send audio messages over via incidents.

You may want to look into our Live Call Routing feature which will allow for incidents to be created when calling a phone number. These incidents can have voicemails attached to them depending on how you configure it.

If you’re interested in adding LCR to your account, let me know and I can put you in touch with a Sales Rep.


I’ll check that out. Thanks