Video AMA: Alice Goldfuss

Our next guest for the PagerDuty Community AMA is Alice Goldfuss!


Alice Goldfuss is a systems punk currently helping GitHub run their cutting-edge container platform. She loves kernel crashes, memory design, and performance hacks. :rainbow: :floppy_disk:

Alice has consulted on some books (Docker: Up & Running, Effective DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering vol 2), presented at some conferences (SREcon, Velocity, Container Summit), and run some others (LISA17, DevOps Days Portland).

How This Works

Post your questions to Alice in this thread - we’ll collect them up and Alice will answer them in a live-stream video in early August. Questions should be posted no later than Friday, July 31. You can also tweet your questions for Alice to us via our twitter handle, @pagerduty. Please use the hashtag #pagerdutyama.

In addition to your questions about Alice’s experiences, we encourage you to interpret “AMA” as “Ask My Advice”!

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Favourite tea and favourite snack with said tea?

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Alice, what are you’re top ten most used terminal commands (from your shell history)?

Hi Alice,

Thanks for doing this AMA! I’ve loved the writing and speaking you’ve done on best practices for on-call, like the on-call handbook and “Learning to hate the on-call selfie.”

How do you think we at PD could best build some of these best practices into our platform? What features in the product would most improve on-call health and happiness?


Coming into a new infra/company; what would be your list of things to understand the existing state of; and the order of things you’d want to get into place (processes, monitoring, coffee service…)

Alice, what do you think it will take to make #dangerpooty the hot tech catchphrase of the year?

Alice, I loved your monitorama talk about how creating #oncallselfie caused you to realize what a bad situation you were in. Do you have advice for others in similar frog-in-pot situations and also, how do you feel when companies co-opt this phrase for advertising?

How can the net amount of entropy of the universe be massively decreased?

Video is online!