Using API to suppress alerts for an incident

Hi all,

Looking for a way to suppress alerts for an incident for a specified time frame using the API

I’ve gone through the documentation, but I’m not seeing any way to do this. Any pointers are greatly appreciated. =0)

Hello Gavin,

It is possible to suppress Alerts using Event Rules. But it is not very clear what you want to achieve, suppression indicates you do not want Incidents triggered. But it seems you want to suppress alerts of Incidents? Or do you actually want to snooze incidents, as you mentioned a timeframe? Please do clarify what the pain point is here and we will take it from there.

Hey there -

What I’d like to do is suppress alerts for a service or services while an incident is ongoing. No need to get a barrage of alerts while all hands are already engaged in fixing the issue.

Hello Gavin,

Just to be clear, so you would want a service to trigger an Incident initially then following that, further alerts should be suppressed, is that right?