UPDATE From PagerDuty Customer Marketing: Using PagerDuty AIOPs? Fill out Short Survey and get a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Hi everyone,
We’re raising the bounty to $50! C’mon, we know you’re out there!

Are you using PagerDuty AIOps/Event Intelligence? Then we have a deal for you! We need your help filling out a short Analyst Survey and the first 5 people who fill it out by Friday, June 2, will each get a $50 Amazon gift certificate!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill out the attached survey.
  2. Email it to Roy.illsley@omdia.com and BCC customer-marketing@pagerduty.com (so we know when to send your gift card) and send it from you work email address.
  • Subject line: PagerDuty Customer Survey - AIOps Universe

  • Suggested email copy: Hi Roy, Attaching my completed reference survey for PagerDuty.

  1. Briefly wait for your $50 Amazon gift card to be emailed!

**Remember that you are only eligible for the gift card if you are a customer of PagerDuty using AIOps/Event Intelligence.

AIOPs customer survey (1) (2).docx (10.6 KB)