Unable to refresh access tokens after it expires

Hey, we are unable to refresh any integration with an updated access token once it expires after 30 days.

All of the access tokens can be refreshed before 30 days but not after it expires. In the logs, we can see we get a response from the server

  error: 'invalid_grant',
  error_description: 'Invalid or unknown refresh token provided.'

which doesn’t make any sense because the refresh token is valid for more than 200 days or are we missing something that isn’t mentioned in the doc?

Currently, all of our PagerDuty integrations are failing after 30 days and we have no clue how to resolve it. I believe there is some missing that hasn’t been communicated properly, already tried reaching out to support but they hardly respond to tickets I believe.

We met this problem too. No clue found in our server side. Any supportor can help? We can’t get access through refresh token too after 30 days. We are classical Oauth client. Do you have any updates?@ Nadeem