Tell who is the on-call user on Slack channel


We created a schedule routine which call PagerDuty to get the on-call people for some services, and provide the info in a corresponding Slack channel.
Message example: Today, our service will be supported by John Doe.

It can be the team’s channel, so anyone is informed from who is on-call (before this routine, every team members ran the pd oncall Slack command).
It can also be the team’s support channel. So it provides a better relationship with users.

As for pd insights Slack command, it will be useful to add some options to the pd oncall command to define a regular message to be published on the channel: service, frequency, day, time, message template


Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for your feedback. I have created a feature request around this on your behalf.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do.


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