Teams Integration accountLink issue

We had Microsoft Teams configured using the legacy connector through webhooks. I finally have gotten around to trying to update to the new integration and where I am supposed to do @PagerDuty accountLink, it sends me the PM as expected but when I go through the process on the PagerDuty website it ends at a screen with the following.

"#### An error has occurred and we are unable to link your accounts at this time.

Your team of the Microsoft Teams account is connected to another PagerDuty account."

I then attempted @PagerDuty unlink from the channel and got the PM again and that stated the following

“This Microsoft Teams user account is not connected to a PagerDuty user account. The UnlinkUser command was cancelled.”

So it would seem that PagerDuty sees a linked account with this teams channel but Teams does not see it when it attempts to interact with PagerDuty. I am not a PD admin so when I try to go to Integrations I can not see anything but I assume that maybe there is a place to see any pre-existing account links and they could potentially be deleted so I can get this resolved?