Team Incident page - shows Incidents no longer assigned to the team

Currently when viewing Incidents for a particular team, as expected it returns the Incidents currently assigned to the Team. In addition it displays any Incident that was originally created on that escalation policy/team, regardless where it is currently assigned. This leads to confusion as the Team will see Incidents no longer in their area of responsibility, due to them being re-assigned to a different team.

It seems strange to me that there is a tie to the first escalation policy an Incident was assigned to, especially since an Incident can move around to different teams from time to time.

This feature request is to remove that tie, or at least make it a filter so that users can view Incidents that are currently assigned to their teams.

Hi Paul! Thank you for reaching out. We are looking into your question, but would first like some clarification. Are you looking at these incidents on the web or mobile page of PagerDuty? There is a view (all team I am on) in mobile app but currently not on the web, so I would like to confirm you are asking specifically for this feature on the web. I will continue to bring this to our teams when we have clarification.

Thank you!
Community Program Manager