Supporting "flapping" alerts in integration

I am interested in integrating PD with JIRA, this proccess might cause many JIRA card’s to show up because of “flapping” alerts of PagerDuty

when I say “flapping” alerts I mean alerts which show up, auto resolve and then trigger again.

what can be done Service wise and Team wise to configure this differently


The main approach for this well known challenge is to focus on the integrated monitoring tools and optimize the configurations, thresholds, logic, etc there as much as possible to weed out any transient (flapping) events/alerts being sent to PagerDuty.

If this isn’t possible, the next best approach is to leverage PagerDuty’s many Event Intelligence features to absorb those transient events/alerts through grouping, suppression or similar delay/snooze techniques.

In conjunction with the above techniques, configuring the integration to be in “manual” mode allows PagerDuty to deal with event/alert noise automatically and responder(s) can then select the specific PagerDuty incidents that should be sent across to PagerDuty for formal tracking in Jira.

Hope this helps give you an idea of how we deal with flapping alerts with our customers and ensuring we don’t get into the dog house with the Jira administrators!