Slack Feature Request for On-Call Workflow with Multi-Team Configuration

I like the /pd oncall command, but when people from other teams want to reach the current on call for my team they don’t necessarily know which schedule to lookup. In fact my team has multiple schedules in our escalation policy that may be relevant to a particular user looking for support.

I want to create a shortcut in my teams support channel to show the current on call users for multiple schedules. The output should be similar to the oncall slash command but no user input is required, just click the shortcut and the workflow does the rest!

Is there a recommended way to do this? Can a workflow step be added to the PagerDuty Slack App to enable this feature?

Hello Trevor,

Thanks for sharing - happy to pass thing along to our product team to take a look at this request. As far as what we do have with Slack workflows can be found here in our guide.

Kind regards,

Thanks John,

To be clear the only existing Slack workflow is Create an Incident Trigger.
I am asking for a new Slack workflow: Fetch Current Oncall (for multiple services/schedules).

Hello Trevor,

Yes, understood and I passed along an FR for you, but I was just sharing what we currently have that supports work flows should you be unaware.