SLA for REST API V2 response time

I’m currently trying to figure out whether I should create an incident through the REST API V2, synchronously or asynchronously.

I read here that the REST API V2 is a synchronous API. I was curious if there was any SLA on the maximum amount of time we should expect to get a response back from the incident creation API.

When it comes to simply creating an incident, would I be better off with synchronously using the Events API V2 to create an incident because it is asynchronous and can respond to my requests quickly?

Hi Darren.
We don’t currently have a published SLA for API endpoints. Our current SLAs are on the website.

If you’re planning to send a high volume of alerts to the API, using the events API will be easier and give you more capabilities from alert grouping and other tools.

On the Events v2 API, there is a limit of approximately 120 calls/minute per integration key. The limit is calculated over a 60 second look-back window.

The rate limits on our REST API is 900 events/min across an entire organization.