Silence an incident if another on is running already.

Hi guys,
Is it possible to silence an incident that we get from stackdriver ? i mean, if we get an incident, we are working on it, if the agents that picks the incident can “check a checkbox” that says “silence alerts for the exact same incident until i close this one”?
Thank you!

Hi CloudMan,

A user acknowledging an incident won’t prevent further incidents from triggering in any way.

Whether or not a new incident is created would be dependent on whatever is controlling deduplication of subsequent events coming into the integration, from AWS. This would typically just be whatever the value is of the dedup_key, however, AWS integrations such as CloudTrial or CloudWatch have a unique option to control this behavior from our end.

If you Edit such an integration, you see a page like the below which shows a Correlate events by option which is set to the Alarm Name by default:

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 12.14.39 PM

With this setting set to Alarm Name, no subsequent events coming into the integration will be able to trigger a new incident while there is an incident open (triggered or acknowledged) with the same alarm name value. Events with the same Alarm Name will only be able to trigger a new incident until the already opened one is Resolved. Perhaps there is another option that more closely correlates to what you would consider “the exact same incident” that may better suit your needs here though. There is also an option that will only allow one incident to be opened from this integration at a time.

I hope this helps! I’d be happy to relay any feedback to the team around this as well