Show incident Details in Slack Post

In the email Incident notification, I can see DETAILS section from my alert. I’d like to see the same in slack posts from the Slack app so that I/my team can see the incident details without going into PagerDuty.


Hi Jared,

Thanks for writing into the Community! At this time only the Subject will get populated in Slack notifications, so if you would like the details included in your Slack notification, you would have to pull that information from the incident details into the Subject.

Otherwise I would be happy to file a feature request for you on this!

Let me know, thanks!

Hi Nick. I’m mainly thinking of Splunk alerts where it is not possible to dynamically set the Subject. If you could file a feature request, that’d be great, thanks!

Hi Jared,

You can use our Event Rules to replace the description field if you like!

Otherwise, I’ll get that feature request filed for you!

Nice, will play around with that, but for Splunk data, it’d be cleaner if title was left alone and the details were included elsewhere.

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