Setting service's Communication Channel from Terraform

Is it possible to set the the Communication Channel for a Service via Terraform? I’ve already got the pagerduty_service and pagerduty_slack_connection working together, but a new service will have the Communication Channel blank in the UI, and I don’t see any listed options in the TF resource.

Hi @chris.elion to configure an specific Slack channel to receive updates regarding a service using you can use a Terraform configuration similar to the following…

resource "pagerduty_team" "foo" {
  name = "Team Foo"

data "pagerduty_priority" "p1" {
  name = "P1"

data "pagerduty_service" "app_service" {
  name = "App Service"

resource "pagerduty_slack_connection" "app_service_slack_integration" {
  source_id =
  source_type = "service_reference"
  workspace_id = "T02A123LV1A"
  channel_id = "C02CABCDAC9"
  notification_type = "responder"
  config {
    events = [
    priorities = []


However, despite being correctly configured, unfortunately this is not the same PagerDuty object configuration used to track a Service’s Communication Channel, that’s why You are not able to see this setup reflected on the UI.

Up to this point, I’m sorry to say that PagerDuty’s Terraform Provider doesn’t support managing a Service’s Communication Channel.