Send alert without an incident

Is there a way for an API request to send an alert with a severity of “info” but not trigger an incident? We would like to send informational messages to people who are on call without requiring them to go through the acknowledge/resolve flow. I couldn’t find a way to do this with the Events v2 API. I also looked at Event Rules and got confused because the setup screen asked me about email headers which don’t seem relevant here.

Alerts could be sent and suppressed by an event rule, but they’d never result in a notification being sent to anyone on-call as the alert didn’t result in an incident being triggered.

You could opt to create a low-urgency service, create your incidents there and assign the user that needs to be notified (they would be notified using low-urgency rules which they’d need to configure in their profile). then you could set those incidents on that service to auto-resolve in a short amount of time so that no direct action on them is required.

Thanks Tom. I apreciate your fast response.