Seeking information on sub-teams


I’m looking for information/documentation on sub-teams and their relationship to a parent team. I’ve tried to look for documentation explaining what benefits they bring and best practices etc.

For example, we have a main team that comprises of 4 sub-teams which each have their own oncall rota. Should we be looking to set it up with 4 sub-teams under the parent team, or should we just have a single team but then create 4 separate schedules within PagerDuty?

Any suggestions, or direction to documentation will be much appreciated.


Hi Chris!

This feature is available by request for larger Enterprise accounts where each team acts independently but have instances where users on the overarching team need to access the subteam and their objects.

The most common use cases include when the accounts need teams (often involved in private projects) to have access to each others work loads.

In your example, do the 4 sub-teams oversee the same technical service? If so, one team would be sufficient. If they own different technical services, subteams might be more appropriate!

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Hi Geeth

Thanks for getting back to me on this. So if I understand this correctly, it would be to enable separate teams under the same project to see each other’s data - I guess they’d do this by selecting the “My Teams” filter and would definitely come into effect if the Team(s) were configured to be “Private”.

In answer to your question, I haven’t been in contact with the team(s) yet but have been asked by my manager to look into what sub-teams gives us. In this example it is a single application that comprises of 4 distinct technical areas that are each supported by their own oncall rota. In which case I am assuming we should have one team that then has 4 separate Schedules and Escalation Policies - would you say this would be the best approach?


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your follow up. Yes, what you have suggested makes the most sense, separate teams, with Schedules and EPs for these Team members makes the most sense, especially given they do work in distinct areas supported by their own oncall rotas. If these teams do not need access to each others information sub-teams might not be necessary.


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Hi John,

So if the support personnel are all in one main application team in our organisation but are split out into separate oncall rotas within that team, I’m guessing we could configure all of them in just one single team and then create separate Schedules (with the relevant support personnel for each) and EPs owned by the main team - this would then mean they can see all team-related data, but still have the correct people supporting the relevant component.


Hi Chris,

If all these users are working on the same team on similar incidents/issues, then there’s no need to split them up.

Please let us know if this is helpful.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist

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Hi Alex,

That’s great thank you. I couldn’t find any documentation on sub-teams and their use, so I was seeking clarification.

We’re only in the early stages of setting up PagerDuty and one of the first teams we’re looking to onboard has multiple rotas as described here, but we don’t have any of their alerts coming so can’t verify anything at this stage. I just wanted to get clear in my head the best approach.

Thanks everyone for your input.