See What's New in Pagerduty from our Latest Product Updates!

Here’s what’s new from our latest June 2020 Product Updates!

PagerDuty Mobile App:

  • Updated menu for incident actions
  • Mobile App lock for enhanced security

PagerDuty Web App:

  • New and updated REST APIs: Analytics API (Early Access), Business Services API, and Response Plays API
  • App Event Transformers for developers to transform webhook payloads into PagerDuty’s Events API v2 format
  • New integrations with Microsoft Teams and Jira Server and Data Center

Check out a video or two:

Learn more about how PagerDuty Fits the Way You Work, Where You Are, and With the Tools You Love from our latest product updates blog or explore the latest Platform Release Notes and Mobile Release Notes.

Is it possible to subscribe to product updates like these?

I tried watching the What’s New category but “Watching” doesn’t seem to be an option there, as shown attached.