See What’s New in PagerDuty from our latest Spring Product Launch!

Check out the latest features we‘ve been working on—including Event Intelligence, machine learning, response automation, on-call management, analytics, integrations, and more.

Our teams have listened, and have been working hard to build new features! Go here to learn more.

Some highlights to look out for:

  • Proactive Incident Response: Get a complete view of digital services across all teams, their dependencies, and the relevant operational metrics needed to provide hypercare and prevent issues before they become revenue-impacting crises.

  • Intelligent Response and Automation: Intelligent response and automation provides focused, real-time information about what’s most important and lightens the burden on responders by reducing duplication of work and allowing machines to automate manual tasks. Automation gives organizations the ability to do more with less, improving company resilience and protecting revenue.

  • Real-Time Business Orchestration: Our latest enhancements empower people to work and communicate more efficiently during critical moments by breaking down silos and providing the right level of information for all teams, ultimately leading to better customer experiences.

  • New Integrations and APIs: New and enhanced integrations with tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and more enable you to maximize visibility across your toolchain and resolve incidents faster. Business services APIs allow teams to access key data and functionality.