Scheduling: Keeping track of on-call responsibilities

If you don’t want to forget when you are about to go on-call, are curious about when you or a team mate is about to go on-call, or interested in knowing who is on-call right now, then we would recommend checking out some of the below suggestions to help keep track of on-call responsibilities.

Set up on-call handoff notification rules

On-call handoff notification rules allow you to receive email, SMS, and push notification reminders when you are about to go on-call.

If you would like to receive on-call handoff notifications when a different team member is about to go on- or off- call, you can add your contact information to their user profile as a contact method and on-call handoff notification rule so that you can receive reminders when they are about to go on-call. Note that will need to have at least Admin access in order to modify another user’s profile.

Some teams will do this to send an email to, for example, a distribution list every time a team member is about to go on- or off- call. You can add a distribution email address as an email contact method and email on-call handoff notification rule under a user’s profile.

Display who is on-call on an internal dashboard

Use our on-call API to show who is on-call on an internal dashboard or wiki page.

You can reference this script (which uses REST API v1) to create an embeddable on-call now dashboard to display who is currently on-call.

Alternatively, you can use this script (which also uses REST API v1) to display who is on-call using the PDJS library.

Check the mobile app

There are 2 places in the mobile app where you can check who is on-call:

  1. Escalation Policies. This page lists all escalation policies. Tap into any escalation policy and you’ll also see who is currently on-call and when those users are going off call for each level of that escalation policy.

  2. User profiles. At the bottom of each user profile, you will see a list of schedules that that user is on-call for currently and in the future.

Check the on-call widgets in the web app

The Incidents page on the web app has 2 on-call widgets: When am I on-call next? and Who is on-call now? Use these two widgets to quickly see when you are on-call and to see who is currently on-call across different teams.

You can also go to any user’s profile page in the web app (including your own) to see when that person will be next on-call.

Export calendar feeds from PagerDuty

You can export calendar feeds from PagerDuty and import them into your calendar app, such as Apple’s Calendar apps, Google Calendar or Outlook.

You can export a single on-call schedule (including either everybody’s on-call times or just yours) or you can export your personal on-call schedules (which include all of your on-call rotations across all schedules).